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Ask Congress to Hold Hearings on Luis Fortuño’s Anti-American Tactics

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Despite campaign promises to the contrary, Puerto Rico’s Republican Governor Luis Fortuño announced plans to eliminate the jobs of 30,000 public employees early next month.

On October 15, over 150,000 people took to the streets in a general strike, and Fortuño threatened to charge the protesters with terrorism.

Stand up for the civil rights of Puerto Rico’s citizens by contacting your member of Congress to ask them to hold hearings on Fortuño’s anti-American actions.

Dear Congress:

I am very concerned about what has been happening in Puerto Rico over the past few weeks. I’m deeply troubled about recent media reports that Republican Governor Luis Fortuño has tear-gassed students and threatened to arrest demonstrators on terrorism charges if they protest his short-sighted plans to eliminate 30,000 public employees.

I’m writing to ask you hold a public hearing on these issues as soon as possible.




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