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Conservation Intern The Henry Ford

Under the direction of a conservator at The Henry Ford, the Conservation Intern will research, examine and treat transportation collection artifacts. The Conservation Intern will join the initiative to work on some of our highest priority conservation challenges, including a circa 1890 horse-drawn streetcar, a 1937 LaSalle, a 1908 Stevens-Duryea Limousine, a 1913 unique “Cyclecar” and a 1907 White steam car. All are in substantially original condition
and have interesting condition problems. Projects will range from issues related to pest eradication, treatment of original paint, wool and leather upholstery and metal care. Research to determine original components or older restorations will be required. The collections of The Henry Ford include significant automobile and horse drawn vehicle collections as well as related archival holdings.

The Henry Ford’s Simmons Internship Program is designed for graduate students pursuing careers in museums, historical agencies, conservation
labs or related fields. This internship provides participants with a great opportunity to gain in-depth work experience in a major American
history museum.

Each intern will work directly with a curator, registrar, educator, archivist, librarian or conservator who serves as a mentor. In addition
to completing specific project assignments and giving a public presentation on the project results, Simmons interns are encouraged to
participate in the larger life of the institution in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the varied aspects of museum work.

Stipend and Terms of Internship:

Simmons interns are awarded stipends for the 12-week full time internship. Projects typically begin at the end of the spring term, but
starting and ending dates for individual internships are negotiable..

During the summer of 2010, we are offering two paid graduate internships. Although three intern projects are listed, only two
internships will be awarded. The selected projects will be those two that have the strongest candidates. You must apply for a specific
project. We will not accept applications that do not indicate which project you are selecting. If you are interested in applying for more
than one project, you must submit a separate application for each project.

Your application should include the following: a letter of application which states how your graduate studies, work and/or volunteer experience
and personal interests qualify you for the specific project, and a resume. Two letters of recommendation regarding your qualifications for
the internship must be submitted directly by the author of the recommendation.

The deadline for application is Monday March 1 (postmarked or emailed by 11:59 PM EST).

Submit applications, resume and letters of recommendation by mail or email to:

Simmons Internship Committee
Attention: Cynthia R. Miller, Chair

Via email:

Subject: Application
Via postal mail
Simmons Internship Committee
Attention: Cynthia R. Miller, Chair
The Henry Ford
20900 Oakwood Blvd.
Dearborn, MI 48124-5029




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