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Verano en Universidad de Indiana en Bloomington

Queridos colegas,

La Universidad de Indiana en Bloomington está iniciando un programa de verano para estudiantes de tercer año que estén planificando realizar estudios graduados en disciplinas dentro de las Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales.  Es un programa de dos semanas, del 13 al 24 de junio del 2010.  De ser admitido al programa, el/la estudiante tendrá casi todos los gastos pagos.  Abajo les envío la información y el enlace a la página web.  Les agradeceré mucho que se lo comuniquen a sus estudiantes y colegas.  ¡Es una gran oportunidad!

Saludos cordiales,


Arlene J. Díaz
Director–Latino Studies Program
Associate Professor
Department of History
Indiana University
Ballantine Hall 742
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 856-1794


Dear Friends,

Please continue to circulate this announcement to your students and colleagues, here and elsewhere.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington is pleased to announce a two-week Intensive Workshop to be held in from June 13-24, 2010, for undergraduate students interested in applying to and succeeding in graduate programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences.   The Workshop, PGS-21, is aimed at students from under-represented groups who, after their sophomore or junior years, would come to Bloomington and work with faculty and graduate student mentors on preparing for both the application process and the rigor of academic research and writing at the graduate level.

The workshop is composed of three sections:

1. The preparation of application materials, including letter of introduction, personal statement, curriculum vitae, and writing sample, preparing for the GREs and related matters.  Students selected for the program would be expected to begin preparation of some of these materials prior to arriving in Bloomington.

2. Accepted students would bring with them their most accomplished piece of critical writing or research with the aim of refining and expanding it appropriately to the length and accomplishment expected by competitive graduate programs.   This sample would also be sent to the student’s assigned mentor prior to his or her arrival, and the revision process would begin during the time the student is in residence. This section of the workshop would emphasize research methodologies, the integration of published scholarship into the original argument, academic citation, and the conventions of presentation common to participating disciplines.  The Workshop will end with participants presenting their research in a mini-conference.

3. Readings in a common theme: the theme for this summer has not yet been selected, but possible topics include graduate education and the contemporary university, the nature of a liberal education, interpretive theories and methodologies, and others.

The workshop will admit a group of at least 15 and no more than 20.  Students who succeed in this inaugural program may be asked to return the following summer.

The workshop will be taught by interested faculty and advanced graduate students from the disciplines represented by the participants.

To apply, students must submit the following:

· a college transcript

· two letters of recommendation from faculty with whom they have studied

· a 500-750 personal statement that describes the student’s background, undergraduate preparation, future academic goals, and academic discipline(s) of interest

· a 6-10 page writing sample

    • The deadline for applications is March 30.  All applicants should consult the program’s website and address their materials to:

      Stephen Watt, Associate Dean

      College of Arts and Sciences

      Indiana University

      104 Kirkwood Hall

      Bloomington, IN 46405



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