Posteado por: tucidides | 9 marzo 2010

Sign Our Petition for Marriage Equality

Washington, D.C. has now joined five states in allowing same-sex couples to marry. Other states have legal protections for domestic partnerships, civil unions, or recognize same-sex spouses who have married in another state.

Yet all same-sex couples are still denied the full federal rights of marriage – hospital visitation, Social Security benefits, equal treatment under U.S. immigration laws, the right to take leave to care for a spouse, and more.

This civil rights struggle is simply about day-to-day life. Two people who are in committed, loving relationships should be able to protect each other with basic legal rights and safeguards.

More than a million people have already signed this petition. Sign below and help us reach 2 million!

After you’ve signed the petition, you’ll have an opportunity to send a note of congratulations to some of Washington’s newest newlywed couples!




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