Posteado por: tucidides | 13 mayo 2010

University of Puerto Rico Student Strike Continues

University of Puerto Rico’s students have been on strike for two weeks, resisting attempts by the pro-statehood administration of the colony to slash the budget by $100 million; raise tuition; eliminate or limit the tuition waiver program; and potentially privatize the university system.

The students enjoy the support of virtually the entire society- unions, including the professors and the non-teaching university staff; artists; churches; civic and political groups; the Bar Association; etc. Gates to the main campus are surrounded by riot police, as the administration and the students negotiate and litigate.

The Puerto Rico Supreme Court, now packed with supporters of the current colonial regime, has continued its practice of reversing lower court determinations against the government. In an extraordinary effort, pro se law students obtained a lower court ruling to keep the campus open for their protests, only to be reversed within hours, through a special certification proceeding filed before the Supreme Court.

Campus administrators then employed the Tactical Operations Unit against the students, resulting in violent clashes on May 4.




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