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GEO Students in support of University of Puerto Rico Strike!

Hi Everyone,

We are writing to ask for your support in doing a GEO-sponsored project to demonstrate our solidarity with the students of the University of Puerto Rico.

The student body in the UPR’s Rio Piedras campus has been in occupation of the campus since last month in protest of proposed $100 million budget cuts and the elimination of certain registration and fee waivers for students. Ten out of eleven of the University’s campuses are also part of the strike. On May 13th, students ratified the ongoing protest at a General Assembly proposed and organized by the institution’s own administration after being unable to reach an agreement with the University officers. The administration has begun to use repressive actions against the protesting students by asking the government to mobilize the tactical force of the state police against protesters and their supporters, including blocking supplies from reaching students. We want to voice our concern about future police violence on the UPR Rio Piedras campus and push for a transparent and productive dialogue in the future. There struggle is our struggle.

We want to show our colleagues and friends in Puerto Rico that they have our support. Consequently, we are proposing to gather Monday before the officers’ meeting to call Puerto Rican government officials (such as Resident Commissioner Luis Pierluisi in Washington, DC) to communicate our disagreement with the ongoing repression against the students, and to make signs of support to be used in a group photograph, as well as sign a letter of support (much like we did for our colleagues in California).

For more information on the strike please look at the following links (some of these links are in Spanish — photos and videos explain what’s going on):,dia22,minutoaminuto:tribunaldeniegapeticionparaabstecerdecomidayaguaalosestudiantes-387498.html

The students and allied unions will be on strike this Tuesday, May 18, to demand more transparent democratic policies.

Please support this effort, these students are struggling for the right to an affordable state education and need our support terribly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In solidarity,

Emma Amador, Mara Pastor, Laura Herbert and Laura Colon-Melendez.

University of Michigan Graduate Students, GEO members and UPR alumni.




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