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The web circulates news on the student strike in Puerto Rico

Today on the net : The web circulates news on the student strike in Puerto Rico ; And France wonders how to best manage the giant aperitifs organized on Facebook.

Several thousand Puerto Rican students have been on strike since the 22nd of April, and have been camping in the main campus of the public University of Puerto Rico. They are protesting budget cuts and the withdrawal of certain lessons. The combat has been widely relayed online.
Dozens of videos filmed during the many rallies organized by the students and their supporters have been pouring into sharing sites and demonstrate the extent of the mobilisation on the island.
The strike has been going on for nearly a month. The authorities tried to put an end to it by deploying hundreds of police to the area around the university. The police were supposed to have been stopping people providing the strikers with fresh supplies, but as we see in these images, they had to contend with the citizens’ unfailing support for the students and several clashes with the demonstrators.
And the students are also using social networks to coordinate their actions and rally up support from their compatriots. The development of the situation can be followed on several Twitter threads.
Bloggers who support the movement are covering all aspects of the strike, with many reports in particular, as well as analysis on what is at stake in these demonstrations.
Finally, the web has also helped the movement go global. In this video, young people from Barcelona are offering their support to the Puerto Rican students, and a demonstration will take place in New York today, as a sign of solidarity.


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