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Solidarity message from CUNY student leaders to the University of Puerto Rico strike!

The students at the City University of NY (CUNY) stand in solidarity with the student strike in Puerto Rico which began in April 21 and continues to gain strength at each passing day.

We, CUNY students, are no strangers to the fight for education as a human right, and the example of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters brought us unprecedented access to public education right here in the United States. As far back as the late 1960s, it was Puerto Rican and Black students who held a historic strike that led to open admissions to the city-wide system and established Puerto Rican and Black studies. This struggle opened the doors of higher education to thousands of Puerto Rican and Black students for the first time. While many of these victories have been eroded, the struggle continues to make CUNY free and open to all. We continue to fight to stop the gentrification and privatization of our schools, for greater access to public education and against continued budget cuts.

As student leaders in CUNY, we see your powerful struggle today as an inspiration to us here in the United States.

We commend the students of the University of Puerto Rico for standing up and fighting for justice for all students. We also want to strongly acknowledge the organization and leadership of these students, which is bringing the people of Puerto Rico together in great unity to fight against cutbacks, austerity measures and layoffs in the island.

To the students at CUNY, this is an example of what student unity and leadership can do. When we stand together and fight, anything is possible. Lucha si, entrega no!

List in formation

Francisca Villar
Lehman College
Executive Vice-President of Student Government

Charles Harding
Bronx Community College, Legal Legislator
Legal Legislator, Black Male Initiative

Sasha Murphy
Bronx Community College
President, ANSWER Club

Lamont Ole Wale Badru
Lehman College, Senator
President, Black Legacy

Olu Onemola
Lehman College
Board Vice President, CASA

Mobria Smalls
Lehman College, Senator

Ateo Peruyero
Lehman College
President, Puerto Rican Club

Nathalie Serrano
John Jay College for Criminal Justice
President, Justice in Action

Kenneth Cruz-Chan
John Jay College for Criminal Justice
Treasurer, Justice in Action




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